Setting Up a Free Genealogy Tool Box with Google

I found an article that I had written in the past about Setting up a Free Genealogy Tool Box so am posting it here to share with you and hoping that it will help someone.

If you are already researching your family tree or you are just beginning to research, you need some way to organize all that good stuff you find in your research journeys. I have written a pdf book on how to set up a Free Genealogy Tool Box using Google so you can do that.

In this tool box you will be able to access everything you need in one place on the internet, whether you are at home, the library, a relatives home or any place else. Your tool box will be a home page where you can access your email, documents, spreadsheets, photos, calendar of events, all your favorite genealogy websites, maps to where you wanna go, or maps that you make up yourself of cemeteries, etc., a genealogy blog, custom search engines for your surnames, states, favorite websites, etc., and a lot more.

You will also be able to keep track of time with your own clock and see the weather at a glance for a few days in case your thinking about going cemetery hunting or something fun like that.

My pdf book gives you ideas and instruction on how to start your Personalized Free Genealogy Tool box and then you can go from there and add more or less for your needs.

Click on Cover to download the PDF Booklet "Setting Up a Free Genealogy Tool Box with Google"


Click on Cover to download the PDF Booklet


This file is 336.16 KB in size.

You can also click here if the link on the cover is not working.

P.S. Oh, and by the way you can also use this strategy for scrapbooking!!!


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  1. This sounds great, thank you! I’ve been researching for many years and am quite good at finding people. What I’m NOT good at is organizing. This sounds very helpful. Thank you!

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