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Copyright ©2008 Squeaky Scraps

These graphics are protected by national and international copyright laws. All rights are reserved.

My freebies are for your personal use only and are not to be shared or redistributed, commercial use is strictly forbidden unless an item is marked “commercial use OK!”

To use any item commercially that is not marked CU not only breaks my TOU but that of the designers whose CU products I’ve downloaded as a freebie or purchased.

I maintain  all ownership and rights to this material.

Please do not share the download links, direct people to my blog to obtain it for themselves.

Please make a credit to Squeaky Scraps if you use any of my work. 🙂

I may change this TOU from time to time as I see fit.



* You may alter my graphics and use them in your PERSONAL scrapbook pages and other projects.

* You may upload your layouts to online galleries or your own (non-commercial) website as long as credit is given to Squeaky

You May NOT:

* Claim these graphics as your own.

* Alter and then claim these graphics as your own.

* Take any part of these graphics and add it to your graphics and claim the resulting graphics as your own.

* You may not make any of my graphics into tubes/brushes or redistribute them in any way or form.

* You may not offer any of my graphics images on any webpage for download, send them through lists, newsgroups, or include them in any graphics collection either on the internet or otherwise.

* You may not re-package or in any way re-sell or distribute my work.  Doing so is a violation of copyright laws and may result in serious consequences,including large fines and other penalties.

* These graphics are not to be used in pornographic, immoral, or illegal works of any kind.

Thank you for using my products! Enjoy!!!

Also, if you post a layout using this product to an online gallery, please drop me an email – I’d love to see what you made!


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