I recieved this wonderful Award from Elsina!

When I checked my blog today I got a big surprise. Elsina from EMS Arts had sent me this wonderful Award. Visit her blog here and check all the wonderful and gorgeous things she has. Thank you Elsina for this fantastic award and for sharing all your hard work!!


Ok now, the rules for this award are that you have to pass it on to 5 other blogs who haven’t received it yet. I’m gonna try to find 5 that haven’t been hit yet and they are….Drum roll please…….

1.  Anneli from Attic Treasures!!

2. Delicious Scraps!!

3. Ashalee Wall from A&S.com!!

4. June at Cen’s Loft!!

5. Gunhild at Gunhild & Svenning’s hjemmeside!!

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