I am going to try to list links to all the tools that I use in all my endeavors including scrapbooking and genealogy on this page. Sometimes I need to reinstall something and don’t remember what I did with the link. Sometimes someone will ask me where did you get that. So here it is!

1.     I found an article that I had written in the past about Setting up a Free Genealogy Tool Box so am posting it here to share with you and hoping that it will help someone. You can download the PDF Version of my “Setting Up a FREE Genealogy Tool Box with Google” here. This file is 336.16 KB in size.

2. Tools Needed for Digital Scrapbooking.  If you decide to try some scrapbooking downloads from site or any one else’s then you will need a program on your computer to unzip the files. A great tool for unzipping files is Unzip Them All. This program is free and will unzip any kind of a zip file. You can find Unzip Them All Here.

Also, if you can’t afford photo shop or some program like that then you can download Gimp for free also.

3. Got a long URL get a tiny one at


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