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For it is easier for a camel to go through a needle’s eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. (Luke 18:25)


Hi Everyone!! I have a Freebie Just For You!

Hi!! It’s great to be back on the blog again. I have been away now for a few months because I have been busy moving to another location in the same town. Also have had alot of family issues, a broke down vehicle and a fire in the adjoining duplex which has made bad smells for my place but I thank God no one got hurt. I’m telling you when it rains it pours.

But anyways, I thought I would come back with a freebie for you. I have a couple of quick pages I made for you of “Blues Clues”. One is in blue and the other in pink. Hope you enjoy them. You can click on the pic to go to the download page. Don’t forget to read the TOU. Thanks! Have a great day!!


A Goodie for You!! (this giveaway is over)

I am giving away a copy (print copy or e-book) of the wonderful cook book “Dining On a Dime”, compliments of Tawra Kellam the author, to one lucky reader of this blog.  DEADLINE is APRIL 20.

“Dining On A Dime” is a proud winner of the 2006 Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award, the only award program to ever be honored by Disney.com.


You can actually save up to $10,000.00 a year by using all the great tips, hints and recipes that Tawra has put into this wonderful Cook Book and believe me, it’s not any ordinary Cook Book.  You don’t even have to worry about clipping all those coupons any more and keeping them organized. “Dining on a Dime” is packed with over 1,200 money saving frugal recipes and all the ones I have tried so far are easy and delicious!! It’s also loaded with kids tips and snack ideas, gift baskets, menus and food storage directions and more. The recipes are so simple, easy and fast to cook with using ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry. You also get a shopping list and pantry list to go along with all the great recipes.  Believe me this book makes life so much faster and easier.  Well enough of my chit chat you can check it out for yourself right here.

And I’m guessing your wondering how do you get this absolutely fabulous Cook Book for FREE!!!

Well, all you have to do is be the first person to leave a comment, on this post, with a list of all the bonus’ you get free if you buy the Cook Book for a fabulous MOM for Mother’s Day!!  Then email me at squeakyscraps at gmail dot com leaving your name and email or leave it on the comment so I can get in touch with you to get you your Free Copy of “Dining On A Dime”.

Here’s a HINT: You can find the list of bonus’ HERE!

P.S. INSIDE Tawra’s “Dining On A Dime” you will also find some great Cleaning Cents and Pretty for Pennies!!

Dining On A Dime GiveAway!! (this giveaway is over)

WOW!!! Guess What??? Tawra from Living On A Dime has over purchased on books and now needs to get rid of some inventory so they are having a 50% off sale on all their books and 63% off if you buy all 3.  Dining On A Dime has never been on sale for more than 25% off, so this is a great deal. The sale is going to be from January 1 to January 7. Sorry for such short notice but I just found out about this great deal yesterday. You can check this BIG SALE out HERE!!!

Here’s another Great Deal. Tawra has agreed to mail you a FREE COPY of “Dining On A Dime” via snail mail, on the house, if you are the first person to find the needle in the Hay Stack. You can download the Needle in a Haystack QP HERE.


So here’s the rules:

1. Download the Quick Page.

2. Upzip it.

3. Look for a Needle in the pyramid haystack.

4. Email me at squeakyscraps@gmail.com.

5. Put “Found It” in the subject line.

6. Tell me where the needle is.

7. Leave me your name and snail mail address.

8. I will forward the email to Tawra and in return;

9. She will mail you a FREE Copy of “Dining on a Dime“.

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