Organizing your bills in 2010 – continued –

After posting my last post I realized that all your papers from the past few years may need organized. This would be the case if you are trying to get a loan for a home or something else or maybe you need them for certain tax purposes. In any case just fix some more folders in the same way as discribed in the previous post.


If your overwhelmed with so many bills, documents and other papers, don’t fret.

1. Go ahead and make your folders using the method in the previous post and by putting the year on the tabs.
2. Organize all your file folders in the order that you need them and by years.
3. Put all your orgainized empty file folders in what ever you have to stand them in – decorated box, expandable file, plastic file box or file cabinet.
4. Grab a medium or small box or a grocery bag and a trash can.
5. Don’t bother about gathering up ALL the bills, documents and other papers, that you need organized, at once. They’re probably scattered from here and there.
6. Just pick one location where you have a pile and fill your box or grocery bag up with them.
7. Now take one paper out at a time, making sure you unfold it, and put it in the file folder that it belongs in.

NOTE: There’s no need to save the envelopes or extra papers that come in with bills, etc. throw these in the trash can. They are just a waste of space and their trash. When your done you can take all this extra baggage to the paper recycling bin.


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