Christmas Rebates

It’s Time For Christmas!! SAVE Money at 1000+ Stores you already shop at already, by recieving REBATES on EVERY PURCHASE you make, or on any purchase that anyone else makes, in YOUR own Power Mall.

SAVE money on gas, your vehicle and your time. CLICK HERE. For Individuals, Business Owners and Non-Profit Organizations.

You DO NOT have to get a World Changer Mall for $15.95 per month. You can get a FREE Personal or Business Mall.

All you do is:

1. Log in to the “Administration Login”. This will take you to your home page.

2. You can type in what item you are wanting to shop for in the search bar for a product search, OR

3. Click on the “Hot Deals” button, which will take you straight to exclusive great buys, OR

4. Scroll down to the “Directory Search” and click on the departments of your choice, OR

You will find departments for:

Automotive, Beauty & Frangrances, Books/CD/DVD/Misc., Business/Office/Career, Clothing/Accessories, Computers/Electronics, Education & Family, Financial Services, Food & Drink, Heath & Personal Care, Home Living & Garden, Pets & Supplies, Speciality/Dept/Gift Stores, Sports & Fitness, Telecommunications, Travel, Web Services.

5. Type in what store you want to shop at in the “Pick A Store” search bar, OR

In the top TOOL BAR:

6. Click on your “Shopping List” tab,

7. Click on “Brand Name Stores” tab,

8. Click on “Business Needs Stores” tab,

9. Click on “Personal Needs Stores” tab,

10. Click on “Favorite Stores” tab and more.

You can CHECK OUT THE MALL by clicking here and then on “The Mall” in the top tool bar. Scroll down to middle of page and click on the BLUE banner that reads “Click Here To Visit My Power Mall”. On this page you can experience and see everything that I have described above and experience shopping at My Power Mall.


so YOU can



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