My Old Blog

I deleted everything off my old blog today and put a referring link to this one. Like anyone is looking for me. lol  Anyways I was over at DSO (Digital Scrapbooking Obsession) today and I almost missed the big Birthday Bash.  What a bash!! There’s like this treasure hunt to find the freebie kit and it’s in 7 parts.  You have to follow the hints to find each part.  I got stuck in the kitchen and couldn’t find the link but I learned alot about different scrapbooking programs and where to find alot of tutorials to help me with PhotoShop 7.0 that my son gave me.  I also found a link to this plug-in for PhotoShop and I can’t wait to use it.  It is Virtual Photographer and you can find it here.  It’s a free download and also has Free Additional Settings that you can download for free.

P.S. I have lots more Blinkies to add to my blog, I can’t get my Feedjit to work and I can’t get my laungage translator to work. ARGH!!


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