Ok, so here I am. No experience doing blogs or scrapbooking. I have been doing Genealogy for over 20 years and have alot of information and documents to go with them. All of this would not be possible without the help of all my new extended family that I have met while researching and the help of my grandma and grandpa Savage, my mom, my aunt Bettie, my cousin Wanda, my uncle Joe and my aunt Connie and everyone else in the family that has donated information. A big thank you to all.

It is time for me to start a book, not that I have found everything because that is impossible, but because I have so much information and I need to get it all together. While searching thru, I found there new program, ancestrypress, which is family tree books with what I call scrapbooking. That is where my idea of scrapbooking my family tree derived from.

I have downloaded alot of free scrap kits from alot of different designers, which I also extend a big thank you to. You can find there links to their pages on my blog. I don’t know about how to put their blinkies on this blog but am going to find out because they are pretty. lol

Thanks goes to PrincessCrafts Digital Scrapbook for helping me learn how to use (microsoft presentations) for putting my scrapbook pages together. I was really in the dark and still am but at least I know the basics because of their free Scrapbooking class.

I have put together two scrapbook layouts, one for my family tree and one of my family, so far. I have posted these to my Squeaky Scraps Scrapbook on I will try to post those pics after I’m finished with this post.

I have entered my first challenge on on Friday, July 4, 2008.If you visit my blog I hope you truly enjoy what is here.


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